Motke Dapp. Director. Writer. Storyteller.

When time travel seems out of reach, and bears are unable to use our languages to communicate,
sometimes we turn to someone who has the power and the know how to overcome adversity.


Sorry About Tomorrow (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Music - 2013
Lime and Davenport (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor - 2012
the Many Monsters of Sadness - Writer/Director/Producer/Music/Actor - 2012
A Spoonful of Zanny (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2012
the Heart is a Desolate Place (short) - Writer/Director - 2012
The Once Mighty (short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Editor/After Effects - 2011
The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2010
Yellow (short short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Actor - 2010
Now You're Being Ridiculous (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2009
Drinking and Unicorns (short short) - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Actor - 2010
Safe as Houses (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2007
Disconnect the Dots (short) - Writer/Director/Producer - 2008


ChoreMonster - Your Kids Will Beg To Do Chores - 30 Second Spot for Direct TV - Director/Editor
ChoreMonster - Your Kids Will Beg To Do Chores - Long-form Video for Web - Director/Editor
Bleeding Tongue by Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes (music video) - Director/Producer
ChoreMonster Mini Doc (documentary) - Director
Alabama Capital (live music video) - Director

Awards and Nominations

Sorry About Tomorrow (short) - Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best in Genre, Best Actress - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
Lime and Davenport (short) - Audience Award, Best in Genre, Best Supporting Actress, Best Wardrobe, Best Makeup, Best Art Direction - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
The Many Monsters of Sadness (feature) - Nominated for Best Director, Nominated for Best Narrative Feature - Cincinnati Film Festival
The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (short) - Runner Up Best Film, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Graphics - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project
Now You're Being Ridiculous (short) - Best Film, Best Supporting Actress - Nashville 48 Hour Film Project

Motke Dapp Demo Reel

Using everything available to tell good stories cinematically

We strive to tackle the unknown, unless the unknown is a tiger.

Tigers have nothing to do with making films, but everyone loves a good tiger reference.

Also, tigers are a natural fire ant repellant.

The Greater and Lesser Accomplishments of Motke Dapp

Motke Dapp is an award winning filmmaker (Director, writer, producer, editor, and sometimes actor, but only sometimes.) He is co-owner of Paper Ghost Pictures, which he runs with his business partner and producer, Ryan Hartsock.

Motke is currently working on several commercials and a short film he's directing with a non-profit group called ICiT. Learn more here.

The year of 2013 has been a focus on commercial and writing efforts, but during the summer, Motke directed, wrote, and produced a short sci-fi film called "Sorry About Tomorrow," with Paper Ghost Pictures as part of the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. The film won Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, and Best Actress. The film is currently in the festival circuit, and will be available online soon.

In spring of 2012, Paper Ghost Pictures debuted its first feature film  “The Many Monsters of Sadness” (see the trailer HERE) as an official selection to 43rd Annual Nashville Film Festival, Film-Com 2012, Cincinnati International Film Festival and Louisville International Festival of Films. In addition to the feature film, they made two short films related to the feature called "A Spoonful of Zanny," (view trailer) and "The Heart is a Desolate Place" (view trailer). You can purchase the DVD here.

Motke and Paper Ghost Pictures are in development on several feature films and television show concepts (with original screenplays from writer/director Motke Dapp). Apart from the time and energy spent on those efforts, they created a music video for Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes for their song "Bleeding Tongue," and they are working on some projects with start up Chore Monster as well as some corporate and commercial work.

The fictional universes abound. We live inside of them because of our love of escaping the paper-thin walls of our own realities. These realities have no way to constrain us, though. We are the cosmonauts of the fictional frontiers that surround even the mildest of imaginations. If we stand in the wind for too long, we too may become a particle and get caught in someone's hair.

The worlds of Motke Dapp are not unlike a head of crisp lettuce; not the kind sealed in a thin, plastic shell, but the lettuce that grows inside the unimaginable places next to our beds while we sleep. These worlds don't owe anyone anything. They pretend to know that you know they're there, even though they have no idea, because these places, or worlds, are unable to think or feel. What is assured, though, is the sing song melodies of our childhood will one day find us and shove us into these worlds.

We are the revolution.

We are the songs uncreated.

We are boiling pots of soup, unattended by even the most attentive of chefs.

We are a sack of balloons, waiting to be filled with oxygen, or, if we're nice to someone, helium.

We are waiting for the next big thing.

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